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Thank you for your order, we appreciate your business!

At Advanced Clustering we custom configure every system to YOUR specifications.  You will be able to select disk partitioning, operating system, network IP address assignment, and more.

Select the type of machine that most closely matches the system you purchased:

Complete Apex Cluster Standalone Workstation or Server

The sooner you complete your configuration form, the faster we will be able to process and ship your order.  Delays in the form being filled out may result in your ship date being pushed back.

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Support by phone

Our technical support department is open 9AM to 5PM CST.  If you have a 24x7 support contract after hours support will be available through our automated system.  Please have your machine's serial number ready when calling.

Toll-free: 866-802-8222 - option 2

Support by email

You can send in support requests via our email trouble ticket system.  Email requests are answered during working hours, if you have an after hours support need, and have a 24x7 contract, please phone your request in.

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