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"I have found Advanced Clustering to be a good source for integrated Linux systems. Service has been great and extremely knowledgeable... We can call and get immediate answers to our questions."  --Phil N. at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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Don't know what to do with all your old machines?

If Moore's law holds to be true, every 18 months computers will double in transistor density and most cluster users--budget willing--are ready to buy new equipment. With the new equipment coming in, where does the old "stuff" go? Some may continue to use their machines, some are retired to web servers, and others go into a pile to collect dust or the trash heap. Advanced Clustering would like to help you get rid of your unused servers and workstations. We have formed a partnership with Surplus Exchange to safely recycle old computers.

Say you had a large scale cluster of 500 nodes that was going to go to the bone yard. If the systems were simply sent to the local landfill, the following chemicals would be dumped out into the environment:

  • 717kg of lead
  • 1.3 kg of cadmium
  • 863 g of chromium
  • 287 g of mercury

We want to offer a free alternative to you, by recycling your machines. Simply get them to us, and we will do the rest. In fact, we will send you a certificate of destruction for the machines. Keep in mind that this is only a recycling program and not a trade-in program.

Surplus Exchange is a non-profit organization that recycles technology devices in an environmentally friendly manner. None of the equipment that they recycle will leave the United States. Some companies claim to recycle electronics, but most of them ship the products to brokers. The systems might be disassembled or they could be shipped whole to Africa, Asia or South America where they are destroyed in sweatshops by women, children or even prison labor; none of whom are properly trained to handle the toxic materials that come from computer components. Surplus Exchange eliminates this by using trained individuals and proper facilities to disassemble each machine.

Another benefit of Surplus Exchange is their Learn and Earn program. Students, aged 13 through 18 years, spend 20 hours learning the basics of personal computer technology. Under qualified supervision, participants learn the basic inner workings of a personal computer as they build one themselves. At the end of the program, the student has acquired a basic working knowledge of personal computer hardware and has experienced the success of following through with a difficult, yet rewarding experience. To date, over 600 students have successfully participated in the program.


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