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September 2013


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We're now shipping systems based on Intel's brand-new "Ivy Bridge" CPUs!

Just a few minutes before we sent this newsletter, Intel officially released its new "Ivy Bridge" processors, the next generation of the E5-2600 series. Ivy Bridge is now available in all of our dual-processor solutions, from our PInnacle Flex blades to our 2U and 3U servers to our Horizon workstations.

These new CPUs offer:

  • More cores, same money. Several models offer two more cores than its "Sandy Bridge" counterpart; for instance, the current E5-2640 is a six-core processor, but the Ivy Bridge E5-2640 v2 offers eight cores for the same price. Likewise, the current E5-2660 has eight cores, but the E5-2660 v2 offers ten. That's 20% more cores for no additional charge.
  • Increased performance. Ivy Bridge CPUs support memory up to 1866MHz, a speed increase especially of benefit to the higher core-count models.
  • Easy upgrades. Ivy Bridge processors are built on the same basic architecture as Sandy Bridge, so they fit into the current LGA 2011 socket. This means that increasing cores and/or performance is as easy as removing the processors on your current motherboard and replacing them with the Ivy Bridge versions.

We're expecting a high initial demand for these new processors, so if you're in the market for an Ivy Bridge-based cluster, standalone server or workstation,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it today!

Advanced Clustering sponsors first-ever MVAPICH User Group conference at Ohio State
We were proud to be a primary sponsor for the first annual MVAPICH User Group (MUG) meeting at the Ohio State University in late August. The goals of this year’s inaugural meeting were to discuss and share knowledge of MVAPICH2, MVAPICH2-X and OSU Micro-Benchmarks; how they are being used with large-scale systems such as Stampede; and learning how to better tune and optimize these tools for improved parallel performance. Our discussions helped benefit all cluster users running some variation of MVAPICH on their own supercomputers. 
From left to right: Jim Paugh, Director of Sales & Marketing, Advanced Clustering; Kyle Sheumaker, President & CTO, Advanced Clustering; Mark Arnold, Systems Manager, Ohio State; D.K. Panda, Professor of Computer Science, Ohio State; John Gannon, Account Executive, Advanced Clustering

Multiple speakers and attendees came from all over the world to discuss their experiences in working with MVAPICH and learn ways to run their applications more efficiently. Over two days of talks and meetings gave everyone an opportunity to visit with the MVAPICH team and discover firsthand the expertise of this esteemed group.

Said Dr. D.K. Panda, creator of MVAPICH, “Our team puts new candidate releases through six to nine months of rigorous testing before introducing them to the community. That level of commitment is what our users have to come expect and what drew them to Columbus. We hope to see them next year as well.” Dr. Panda also expressed his gratitude “for Advanced Clustering’s support for this year’s successful MUG, and I look forward to working with them on future endeavors.”

For more information on the MUG meeting, please click here. If you have MVAPICH-related questions regarding your cluster, please let our support staff know at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Join us at SC13 this November in Denver, CO

It’s hard to believe, but SC13 in Denver, CO, is only two months away. This will be our 11th year exhibiting there, and it's just as rewarding and educational now as it was when we attended for the first time in Phoenix in 2003. 

We invite everyone to stop by our booth, #1704, to meet the people behind the products and see what new offerings we have for you this year. We'd also love to sit down with you one-on-one to discuss your HPC needs and answer any questions you may have.

As always, we're offering free Exhibition Hall tickets for attendees; if you're interested, just let us know at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .