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November 2013


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Announcing eQUEUE: making clusters easier


Click here for information about eQUEUE!

We at Advanced Clustering Technologies are proud to announce the release of eQUEUE, a web-based front-end job submission tool designed to make it easy for users to run jobs on a cluster. With eQUEUE, even novice users can submit jobs by using a simple form; no previous Linux or command-line experience is necessary.

Feature-rich, eQUEUE:

  • Allows administrators to create forms using a simple INI format for applications on the cluster.
  • Gives users the ability to just pick the application they want to run and answer a few questions to submit their jobs -- all with only their web browser.
  • Utilizes your existing scheduler (supports both Torque and GridEngine / Open Grid Scheduler); there's nothing new to setup or configure.
  • Provides easy-to-use forms that virtually eliminate user error when submitting jobs, leading to happy users and a better utilized system.

Another key feature of eQUEUE is remote visualization, which allows users to run interactive applications such as Matlab, VMD and Paraview from their own workstations or laptops. Large, complex datasets are rendered on compute nodes with 3D-capable video cards, so there's no need for users to download huge files and install software on their computers. Adjustable quality and image compression sliders are available to make interactive applications work even over slow network connections.

So far, we're receiving a lot of positive comments about this new product, and we'd love to show it to you!

Click HERE today to schedule your live demonstration.

Otherwise, visit www.advancedclustering.com/equeue today for details on how to get eQUEUE for your cluster. 

Celebrating 11 years exhibiting at Supercomputing

SC13 is under way in Denver. A couple of highlights include:

  • Tremendous reception from our live demos of eQUEUE
  • Expanded ACT presence in Intel Channel Pavilion booth
  • Winners! Winners! Winners! 

Our lucky winners are taking home some great prizes including an iPad mini, a Kindle Paperwhite, and an Asus Transformer book (courtesy of our friends from Intel).

We also hosted a dinner for a chance to talk more about eQUEUE away from the hustle and bustle of the exhibit show floor and to get a better feel for what people are looking for in HPC.


Susan Cook, Advanced Clustering Account Executive and Kyle Shuemaker, Advanced Clustering President & CTO discuss eQUEUE with attendees at SC13.