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"By the way, Jason has been a great help. The testing would not have happened without him. Not only did he install MPI for me but emacs as well. He deserves a raise. Thanks again for all you have done. " -- Buff M. at SAIC

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February 2014


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Advanced Clustering celebrates 13 years in business!

Thirteen years ago, Advanced Clustering Technologies opened its doors for business. Since that day, we have been truly blessed to work with a lot of tremendous people and outstanding organizations. Our clusters have been used to expand the reaches of science and technology: from helping to better understand genetic disorders in children, to improving hurricane tracking, to developing alternative forms of energy, and too many more to mention. We are grateful to have partnered with the top scientists, engineers, and researchers across North America over the years, and we look forward to continuing developing and strengthening those relationships for many years to come.

Join us in our celebration.  For the rest of February, we are are giving away eQUEUE for any new cluster or cluster add-on purchase*. Just mention you saw this offer in our newsletter, and a one year subscription to our innovative, web-based job-submission tool is yours.

* The number of eQUEUE subscriptions given away will equal the number of nodes purchased during the promotion.

Tech tip of the month: Re-imaging a compute node back to a working state

If you accidentally misconfigure software on a cluster compute node you can always revert it back to a working image. In order to prepare a node for imaging you first set it to boot into the cloner3 image the next time it powers on:

act_netboot -n <node name> -set=cloner3

Next you simply reboot the machine or you can remotely reboot it by:

act_powerctl -n <node name> reboot

Remember, every time you change software or configurations on your compute nodes you should update their backup image! You can update an image by logging into the compute node you want to update the image from and run the command:

/act/cloner/bin/cloner --server=<head hostname> --image=<image name> —update

More information about Cloner can be found here. If you have questions about Cloner or any of our other suite of tools, please contact our support staff.

On-demand webinar on eQUEUE now available

We are now offering our eQUEUE webinar on-demand.  You can view at your convenience to learn how to increase cluster utilization and making it easier to use.

Click here to watch on-demand eQUEUE webinar

eQUEUE is a web-based job submission tool that allows novice or casual cluster users to use a simple web form to submit a job. System administrators determine exactly how this form is set up, allowing them to provide as many or as few variables as the end user needs. eQUEUE also provides a visualization component, allowing users to access the 3D modeling capabilities of a cluster's high-end GPU node from their own laptops or workstations.

In addition, check out our new Youtube channel for in-depth discussions on the powerful features of eQUEUE, as well as other relevant HPC topics.

We're also hosting another webinar February 25th at 1pm CST.  Click the button below to join us.


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Back by popular demand: we have once again resumed blogging about HPC topics of interest to our readers. You can read our weekly posts here.

And if there's something you'd like to learn more about, drop us a note here.