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Advanced Clustering Technologies Updates Cluster Eco-System to Include Intel Xeon E5 Processors E-mail
Tuesday, 06 March 2012 11:00

Kansas City, KS, March 6, 2012 –Advanced Clustering Technologies, Inc., is pleased to announce several new server models designed for the recently released Intel Xeon E5 (SandyBridge) processors. These new models include Advanced Clustering's exclusive half-width blade, a 2U server and a 3U server, all designed to showcase the E5 processors' state-of-the-art performance capabilities.

"We've always trusted and recommended Intel CPUs in our high-performance computing clusters, so we are excited to include the new Intel Xeon E5 processors in our clustering products,” said Kyle Sheumaker, CTO of Advanced Clustering. “As compared to Intel's previous 5600-series processors, these next-generation chips show a clear increase in memory bandwidth, floating-point calculations and overall performance, vital elements for HPC workloads. We are expecting a high demand for our new servers as customers realize the benefits of these processors.”

In the intensive tests Advanced Clustering has conducted on the new Xeon E5 processors versus the older Xeon 5600-series, the new processors provide a more than 100 percent increase in the number of floating-point operations (FLOPs). Memory bandwidth increases nearly 80 percent from the older processors to the Xeon E5s, and PCI-e bus bandwidth increases by more than 330 percent. Core counts jump 50 percent, from six cores to eight, with a total of 16 cores in a dual-processor system.

Advanced Clustering is seeing high demand for these Xeon E5 (SandyBridge) servers and has already begun taking orders. Driving this demand is the inclusion of FDR (56Gb/s) InfiniBand, increased core count, improved memory capacity and energy efficiency. During March and April, Advanced Clustering is running a promotion offering free shipping to customers who purchase a new Xeon E5 server or cluster.

For more information on Advanced Clustering's Intel Xeon E5 products, please visit http://advancedclustering.com/e5.

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