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HPC to Help Mobility-impaired Geoscience Students Explore Caves E-mail
Monday, 22 August 2011 09:06

Geoscience students with mobility impairments will soon have help exploring caves to meet graduation requirements. An announcement on the Ohio Supercomputer Center site explains, "The two-year proof-of-concept research project, 'Expanding Geoscience Diversity through Simulated Field Environments for Students with Physical Disabilities,' seeks an alternative environment to the physically demanding conditions encountered during field study, conditions that have led to a an underrepresentation of graduates with mobility impairments in the geosciences."  Learn more about the project at: http://www.osc.edu/press/releases/2011/Mammoth.shtml

HPC Increasing Revenue Stream at VT E-mail
Monday, 22 August 2011 08:40

A recent story on The Roanoke Times site explains how Virginia Tech's seven research institutes are combining traditional laboratory research with high-performance computing to increase revenue and raise the university's international visibility. "Sponsored research contracts awarded through the institutes -- which employ more than 600 -- accounted for $65 million of the $252 million in total university research funding in 2010-11," the article says. The article also includes an interesting table that compares Virginia Tech's research centers.

Growing research at Virginia Tech:
VT aggressively pursues research as a new revenue stream and as a way to boost the university's global reputation.
By Tonia Moxley

Survey: Where do you get your HPC news? E-mail
Thursday, 18 August 2011 09:56

Which resources keep you informed on high-performance computing?

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Wired Science: 10 Scientific Simulation Videos E-mail
Monday, 08 August 2011 10:18

Wired Science posted a cool collection of 10 Award-Winning Scientific Simulation Videos. Videos include simulations of blood cells and plasma particles, a magnitude 8 earthquake model, stellar magnetism, active galactic nuclei magnetism, supernova shockwave magnetism, laser-plasma acceleration, early galaxy radiation, carbon-capturing turbines, U.S. military "overhead coverage system", and wind farm turbulence.

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