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Remote Visualization
  • eQUEUE isn't limited to just submitting batch jobs. Interactive GUI apps are also supported.
  • Now you can expand the use of your cluster to support interactive applications, including popular applications like: Matlab, VMD, ParaView, etc.
  • eQUEUE offers full OpenGL support, perfect for visualizing large datasets already on the cluster. No need for users to download huge files, and install software on their own computers.

How it works

  • All interactive apps still run through your scheduler, and follow any permissions or restrictions put in place via those tools.
  • No special software is needed on users's computer, a web browser and the Java runtime with WebStart.
  • Interactive sessions are run through an accelerated VNC server, and tunneled via SSH for optimal security. No new ports to open, or unencrypted data.
  • OpenGL applications are rendered on compute nodes with 3D capable video cards. Advanced Clustering's Pinnacle Flex systems are perfect for this.
    • Multiple users can now share 3D cards, reducing capital expenditures on expensive workstations. Users now just need any computer (Windows, Macintosh, or Linux) with a modern web browser to access high-end 3D applications.
    • Adjustable quality and image compression sliders are available to make interactive applications work even over slow network connections.

Interactive application forms

  • Simple forms, just like the ones for batch jobs, are created to start applications, or even entire desktops (GNOME, KDE, XFCE).
  • Administrators have full ability to customize these forms with multiple widgets to meet the site or applications requirements.
  • Below is a sample form for the VMD molecular dynamics program.

 start vmd job submit


File type associations

  • Not only do users have the ability to start interactive applications from submit forms, they can do it within eQEUEUE's file section.
  • Administrators can define filetype to application associations via simple regular expression.
  • The image below shows how .xyz data files are associated with VMD, and users can easily start a session to view the data.

vmd dropdown


Viewing the application

  • Below is a screenshot of the VMD application running via eQUEUE.
  • Again because we are taking advantage of our cluster nodes, the user doesn't have to install any software, or have high-end 3D cards in their own computer. All rendering is being done on the cluster.

    vmd screenshot