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If you have any questions on the setup form, please send an email to support@advancedclustering.com and mention your order number.

The sooner the setup form is complete, the faster we will be able to process and ship your order.

Items marked with (*) are required to be filled out.

Order # (*)
Please enter your Advanced Clustering order number (i.e. 123123.1)

You must supply your Advanced Clustering order number (i.e 123123.1)
Your name (*)

Please supply your first and last name.
Email address (*)

Please provide us with your email address.
Cluster Use
Please enter a short description of the primary uses for this system. This will help us create a software installation plan that best meets your needs.

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Operating System (*)

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Architecture (*)
By default we install a 64bit operating system. If you need 32bit it's available.

Please select the operating system architecture.

Head node settings

Head Node: Hostname (*)
Please specify the hostname of your Head Node, we recommend you use head.

Head Node: Disk partitioning (*)
Please be as verbose as possible. Our defaults are:
  • Systems with two (2) identical disks will be configured as a mirror.
  • Systems with three (3) or more identical disks will be configured as a RAID5 with a hot-spare if possible
  • The distribution defaults will be used for most partition details
  • Additional RAID arrays will be mounted as /home
  • ext3 is the default filesystem.

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Head Node: on boot start X (*)
Do you want the system to startup the X11 GUI environment on boot automatically?

Please select your default boot environment behavior.
Head Node: Public IP address (*)

Please specify the configuration for your Head Node's IP address.
Head Node: IP settings
If you specified static assignment please enter the details here. Be sure to include: IP address, Netmask, Gateway, and Nameservers.

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Cluster Private Network (*)
Please enter your networking configuration for your cluster's private network. Our default is to use the non-routable IP addresses in the range.

Please enter your networking settings.
NFS Exports
Please list any filesystems to be exported to all the compute nodes. Defaults are: /home and /act

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System authentication (*)
Specify how you would like to setup cluster wide authentication. Our default is password file.

Please select your authentication method.
Software services
Please list any needed software services. Defaults are SSH, DHCP, TFTP, RSYNC, RSH/RLOGIN, and Apache

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Queueing System
Select the queuing system you would like installed and configured on your cluster.

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Message Passing Libraries
Select the message passing libraries you'd like installed. By default we include MPICH2, OpenMPI and MVAPICH (when your cluster has InfiniBand) built against all compilers you have installed on your system.

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Compute node settings

Compute Nodes: Hostnames (*)
Enter the hostnames for the compute nodes. Our default is node01, node02, node03 ... .

Please specify the hostnames to use for the compute nodes.
Compute Nodes: Disk partitiong (*)
Please be as verbose as possible. Our defaults are:
  • The distribution defaults will be used
  • Additional disks will be mounted on /space1, /space2, and so on.
  • ext3 is the default filesystem.

Please provide your compute node disk partitioning.
Compute Nodes: on boot start X (*)

Please select your default boot environment behavior.
Compute Nodes: IP assignment (*)
Select how the compute nodes will get their IP addresses. If you select DHCP the head node will run a DHCP server for the nodes.

You must select the method compute nodes get their IP addresses.
Additional Notes
Provide any additional information that may be needed to complete the installation of your cluster.

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Contact Info

Support by phone

Our technical support department is open 9AM to 5PM CST.  If you have a 24x7 support contract after hours support will be available through our automated system.  Please have your machine's serial number ready when calling.

Toll-free: 866-802-8222 - option 2

Support by email

You can send in support requests via our email trouble ticket system.  Email requests are answered during working hours, if you have an after hours support need, and have a 24x7 contract, please phone your request in.

Create a new support ticket