A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, whereas a cluster is only as strong as its software. With nearly limitless options available, choosing the right software can make the difference between an unmanageable mess with poor performance and a streamlined, reliable high-performance tool. Our expert team constantly tests and evaluates new software and its interaction with hardware so you do not end up being the test bed. With hundreds of deployed clusters in a wide range of fields, we know what will work for your specialized needs.

Check out some of the software options available for your Apex HPC cluster system:

  • Management tools
  • Operating systems
    • We offer a range of Linux distributions, such as:
      • CentOS
      • RedHat
      • Scientific Linux
      • Rocks
      • SuSE
      • Debian
      • and more
    • Windows HPC is also available
  • Compilers and development tools
    • All systems come standard with the GNU compiler suite (gcc, g++, gfortran)
    • Optional commercial compilers are available
      • Intel C++/Fortran
      • Portland Group
  • Parallel libraries
    • Advanced Clusterings's convenient ACT dir software package, which is free with your cluster purchase, includes MPICH, MPICH2, OpenMPI, MVAPICH and MVAPICH2 built against all compilers installed on your system
Unsure which software is right for you? Contact one of our experts at 866-802-8222 or emailĀ sales.

Customer testimonial

"By the way, I probably have said this before, but Billy is awesome. RMA's can be such a pain with some companies, but he makes it painless." -- Damon G. at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

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